Why Norwegians most likely wont move to the U.S, Even though they are welcome

As of very recently president Donald trump has made many loud remarks encouraging more people to move to the U.S that are like "Norwegians".

Lets really think about why a Norwegian should be swayed into moving to the U.S

Norway is officially ranked one of the happiest countries in the world along with being one of the richest countries per capita. Norway gives all of its citizens free healthcare along with education and has some of the best payment assistance programs in the world. From its crystal clear waters to its epic fjords Norway is also one of the cleanest places to live. Norway's government does a very good job of offering incentives to those who choose to drive electric vehicles and recycle thus assisting with environmental pollution. 


I wont bore you with circle graphs and pie charts but lets just say that Norway is ranked at the top of these charts for a reason. In Norway the government works on ways to encourage its citizens to help benefit Norway as a whole.


So why is Norway one of the happiest countries in the world?

Most Norwegians include spending time in nature along with all of the other benefits listed above. There is a built in importance among the Norwegian people in spending time outdoors and enjoying nature while also doing their part in preserving it; this can also contribute to a healthier lifestyle in every day life along with a wide spread sense of unity & comradery.


Yes, We know that America is home of entertainment, Hollywood, music and the "Dream Big" lifestyle. With all of America's highlights aside, the Norwegians will always have their lifestyle that has proven strong throughout history providing some of the wealthiest, healthiest,  happiest  & toughest people in the world.

Trump can always hope that Norwegians will want to move into the U.S but he also has to realize and recognize what Norway is as a country itself!


  • Jacob Olsen

    Very well said!

  • Odney Mundal Herdenberg

    Love Norway. I totally agree with this article. ♥️

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