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    Inspired by our powerful love for Viking history, Viking Lifestyles is more than a company – it is a community for fellow Vikings to share wisdom from the Icelandic Saga’s, learn more about the Viking Age, discuss Norse mythology, and encourage exploration – all while shopping from a wide variety of unique Viking products.

    And the best part? We get to share our appreciation for the incredible skills that the Vikings possessed in ship building, battle tactics, survival & more! 

    Here at Viking Lifestyles, we are constantly finding ways to bring old Norse symbols and meanings into new modern-day styles. As Norwegians, we also try our best to incorporate Scandinavian culture within our apparel for the ultimate Nordic feel.


    Do you love Viking history and Norse mythology as much as we do? Consider becoming a part of our rapidly growing ambassador program! Click here to learn more about it and how to apply. 


    The Vikings were a truly legendary people. For nearly 300 years they ruled the waves of the Northern Seas and raided peaceful monasteries and towns along the coasts of England, Ireland, Scotland and France.

    As raiders the Vikings had an infamous and beastly reputation. Pillaging, burning, and killing whatever lay in their path. They would stop at nothing to appease their desire for wealth and glory.

    But apart from being excellent at raiding, the Vikings established a trading network that stretched from Finland to Newfoundland, successfully besieged the greatest, most heavily defended city in the world, discovered North America, and revolutionized the way that we build ships.

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