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    Did Erik the Red live here?

    Did Erik the Red live here?

    Eiriksstadir is in West Iceland within Dalir County. The Icelandic Saga’s mention Eiriksstadir as the place that famous Viking “Erik the Red” was living. A very interesting point about Eirikstadir is that it is also believed that Leif Erikson (Leif the Lucky) was born there. This replica was built very closely to the ruins of what is believed to be the real home of Erik Thorvaldsson (Erik the Red).

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    This historically accurate 10th century longhouse & museum is an incredible way to get an up-close feel of what it was like for those who lived in the Viking Age. Explore the unique ways that the Vikings made houses while settling in Iceland; they used thatched roofs and driftwood frames while keeping the walls together with mud and turf. Guests that visit Eiriksstadir will be able to view the over 1000-year-old ruins of what is believed to be Erik the Red’s house. Visitors will also be able to view replicas within the museum of historically accurate Viking tools, clothing & weapons. The staff working there is full of knowledge on the areas history and is excited to share their Norse stories with those who visit.


    In today’s world, we sometimes don’t realize how many luxurious options we have within our living situations. Imagine living in Iceland, inside of a small house held together by turf and mud; imagine that it is also wintertime and below zero while you plan your next efforts to hunt and find food. 


    We find it truly incredible and inspiring that the Norse settlers were able to settle in Iceland given all the challenges for that time period.


    Stay tuned and email us if you are interested in any of our upcoming journeys through Iceland, Eiriksstadir is certainly going to be one of our visits.

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