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    Did you know skiing was invented in Norway?

    Did you know skiing was invented in Norway?

    Most of you are probably not shocked that the Norwegians invented skiing simply by how in love with skiing they are.

    Sondre Norheim is actually known to be the father of modern day skiing as we know it. He is the creator of the “Telemark Ski” which was the design that led to what me know now as modern skis.

    If you thought that was interesting! There is an ancient rock carving at Rødøy located in the Northern part of Norway, which shows proof that skis were used as transportation to get around as long as 4,000 years ago! The oldest preserved ski ever found is located in Finmark and is 2,300 years old.

    Skiing has truly evolved over the years into sports and into ways of life; it is a powerful thing to know that it all started in good old Norway.

    Norwegians are passionate about skiing and it is a beautiful way of life here in Norway as even in the summer time you can find people training their cross-country ski abilities for wintertime. Skiing is incredibly healthy for the body and there is something incomparable about being out on the mountains with your skis and pushing yourself mentally and physically.

    Next time you strap on those skis… Remember… It started in Norway!


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