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    Do you remember the days when people sat together without a cellphone in sight?

    Do you remember the days when people sat together without a cellphone in sight?

    Let’s take a second and imagine we are at a campfire where there are no cell phones, computers, or electronics; it is just you, your thoughts, and the ones you love. We are in the present and aware of the breeze, the stars & stories being told. Feels nice, doesn’t it?

    viking life
    The Vikings where incredible story tellers and mutually recognized the importance of festive gatherings for their souls and well-being. They shared stories of adventures at sea, life, epic raids and battles in foreign lands. Vikings had so much to say and talk about so there was a mutual understanding of devoting the storyteller utmost attention.

    We have now become so dependent on our mobile devices and electronics that in some cases it has transformed how we interact with those sitting next to us. How long are we listening to someone speak without looking at our phones? How good can we comprehend what they are saying while we are also observing the game that’s on television?

    The Scandinavian countries do an incredible job of doing their best to keep the Viking ways of story telling and gatherings alive. We feel that people could get a much more fulfilling experience in life by limiting the use of electronics amongst company and spending more time in the moment.

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