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    Would you sail blindly across the North Sea for hundreds of miles in a wooden ship with no technology?

    Would you sail blindly across the North Sea for hundreds of miles in a wooden ship with no technology?

    Can you imagine setting sail on a wooden longship alongside your fellow Vikings in search of new opportunities? For the Vikings this was considered land, gold & discovery.

    We don’t believe the Vikings get enough credit for the sheer fact they were able to handcraft a ship design years ahead of their time allowing the ship to sail in both shallow and deep waters; as well as the capability to quickly maneuver and transport people/goods. They made the tools required for crafting these ships and gathered the materials on their own throughout extreme Northern climates.

    If you were to ask someone today in 2022 if they would be willing to get on a wooden ship & sail blindly for hundreds of miles across the North Sea with no technology, do you think they would? We believe that over time many people have allowed technology to play a dominating role in their lives which could make it very difficult for them to make such a major change.

    Bravery was an understatement for the Vikings as they did anything they had to do to survive.

    We believe it's healthy to reflect on those moments in time and appreciate the fact that this was before technology, modern clothing, knowledge of where lands were located and purely driven by the courage of Vikings. They used animal furs to stay warm at sea; they drank ale as it had its benefits of keeping the stomach full as well as dried meats & light foods they could come across.

    On our next expedition through South Norway, we will be sailing on old Viking ships again to gain an even better reflection and appreciation for what they were able to do. We hope you get to experience sailing on a longship one day!

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    Jair calendar_today

    If I had the opportunity I would pray to Njördr and sail with people who I share the same spirit. Sköl!

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