Leif Eriksson Arrived at North America Before Christopher Columbus.....


The Vikings were one of a kind when it came to navigating the seas and strategic battle tactics for their time. Along with unique talents and supreme toughness they also brought Leif Eriksson into the world "Son of Erik the Red". Leif Eriksson actually discovered North America before Christopher Columbus on one of his quests from Greenland which had been discovered by his father. This Viking achievement was marked in time through sagas. In the modern day America we are living in today, everyone seems to think of Christopher Columbus when it comes to discovering America. As a proud Norwegian, my father in Florida actually made an official day on the calendar in Tampa for Leif Eriksson day; although this is a holiday celebrated in most places, it was a great achievement to make it official in Tampa. Everyday we continue to keep alive the viking way while showing respects to our ancestors before us. Next time somone next to you says "Happy Columbus Day"... Be sure to tell them all about the Vikings!



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    Same! great article!

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