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    This Norwegian Fjord is a Gem...

    This Norwegian Fjord is a Gem...
    We have been traveling all around Norway over the past years, but there is something indescribable about Geiranger that always has us coming back.
    When you step into Geirangerfjord there is a major sense of stepping into an entirely new world. From the vibrant green grass to the colossal fjords, this is an absolutely breathtaking location.
    It is exciting to know that our ancestors used locations like “Geiranger” very strategically for things such as a waterway for faster trade, as well as a safe place to have a village due to the landscapes natural defenses.
    As you walk through Geiranger you cant help but notice the thunderous towering waterfalls like the “Seven Sisters”, letting their presence be know through raw power. These incredible natural surroundings where shaped during the ice age creating one of a kind fjords.
    Vikings have always been used to these types of terrains, which caused them to be naturally much stronger and more efficient on their feet. The Vikings would spend much of their time hiking through the mountains and surviving the cold temperatures to hunt and farm.
    Visiting Geiranger allows you to temporarily step into the minds of the Vikings and imagine what it must have been like to live in the Fjords year round. People will discover a newfound respect when imagining the challenges that winter brought them, without the technologies we have now. This is a special part of how the incredible Scandinavian culture of drinking, storytelling and natural appreciation for nature began. Geiranger has made it on our top ten list for destinations to explore.
    If you ever get to visit Geirangerfjord, imagine what it must have been like to be the first ones to live on that land.
    Interesting Fact
    Geiranger has a population of approx.: 200 people but is visited by up to 1,000,000 people yearly around the months of May - September.

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