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    The Magnificent Fjords of Norway

    The Magnificent Fjords of Norway









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    The Norwegian fjords are one of the most unique wonders of our world. Fjords are very deep and where used tactically during the Viking age to raid, transport & trade. These unique landmarks can be found throughout the beautiful coast of Norway and run inland. The water is pure and Fjords make excellent for fishing as the currents are unique for creating traps by fisherman using the Fjord walls.


    Not only are the Fjords a breathtaking site to behold but don't forget about the waterfalls and lush vegetation creating a once in a lifetime surrounding. The Norwegian Fjords are truly one of the earths greatest wonders and all Scandinavians play a key role in preserving these landmarks as long as possible. Recycling and littering are two things that are almost polar opposite from the united states in Scandinavia. Everyone in the Scandinavian countries take these two things much more seriously and the proof is in the environment. Norway along with the  Scandinavia are among some of the cleanest countries in the world today. 

    Fjords in 2019?

    Get out there and take advantage of the Fjords while they are at their peak!

    As time goes by our climate along with overall cleanliness as a world is constantly shifting. The Fjords are a place fun packed and one of the best locations for kayaking, canoeing, hiking, relaxing & exploring. I'm not saying that they are going anywhere soon but it is always important to live in the present and live life to the fullest! We at VikingLifeStyles recommend the Norwegian Fjords and enjoy sharing pictures and experiences from our constant journeys through Scandinavia as our Vikings did before us. If you do visit the Fjords don't forget to tag us on Facebook or Instagram @VikingLifeStyles for a chance to win our official Norsk black tee.

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