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    The Mountains of Norway

    The Mountains of Norway

    Norway is home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the entire world. For a place that was the birth of Vikings and raids they always made sure to take care of their land. The Viking tradition of taking care of land which had stemmed from farming is still practiced today by Norsemen and other Scandinavian countries.

    Geirangerfjord, Norway

    Because of this tradition that has been passed down to modern day Scandinavians; Norway is an incredible place for hiking and diving into the raw power of nature. The water is clean, the cliffs are steep, the soil is rich and there is no end to where its paths may lead a wandering soul. The fjords are among some of the deepest waters in the world and make for once in a lifetime kayaking.

    Don't forget about the jaw dropping cliffs! Millions of some of the bravest dare devils from around the world make Norway's fjords their vacation playground. From sky diving to wing suits the fjords are an adrenaline junkies best friend! There is no greater rush than flying through mid air completely free as a bird through epic landscapes into a relaxing parachute ending.

    Check out @JasonSpurgeon in Lysebotn, Norway.

    We at Viking Lifestyles make annual hiking journeys through Scandinavia and the fjords of Norway will be our first stop once again. If you are looking for endless views of sky falling waterfalls and raw nature that will leave you speechless..... Keep up with our latest journeys on Facebook & Instagram @VikingLifeStyles.

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