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    The Power of Thor's Hammer

    The Power of Thor's Hammer

    Mjolnir in Battle

    Mjolnir can be wielded as both an offensive and a defensive weapon. Possessing sufficient power to level mountains, it can emit blasts of mystical energy, control the electromagnetic force around an object, manipulate matter at a molecular level and generate powerful shockwaves that harness a planet’s gravitational force.

    It also has the ability to generate a force field strong enough to contain an explosion so powerful that it is capable of destroying a galaxy, deflect and counter any offensive force and spontaneously destroy undead creatures like vampires.

    The Hammer of Thor also possesses a variety of virtually limitless abilities including the creation of antimatter particles, tracking an individual or object, absorbing radioactive energy, detecting and projecting illusions, and can even summon the spirit of someone who swore upon it while alive.

    Thor has used it for time travel and to manipulate the weather on a planetary scale, too. In some Marvel storylines, the Asgardian has used it to disguise himself in the appearance of a mortal, whereupon the Hammer projects itself as a walking cane.

    The Hammer is intimately linked to Thor, and will fly back to his hands when summoned, even if it has to travel through entire planets on the way.

    Can Thor’s Hammer Be Completely Destroyed?

    Its celestial origins imbue the hammer with virtual, but not complete, indestructibility.  However, that leaves ample room for a variety of situations where Thor has been left stunned at the damage and even the complete destruction of Mjolnir.

    The most iconic of these at this point is the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, due for release in 2017. In it, one of Thor’s archrivals, the Asgardian Goddess of Death, Hela (portrayed by Cate Blanchett) is shown destroying Mjolnir during a battle with Thor.

    How, or indeed if, Thor will be able to continue battle bereft of his primary weapon remains to be seen.

    In the comic world, the Hammer of Thor has been damaged and destroyed a number of times. While it has survived bullets and anti-matter, force beams from Asgardian gods and goddesses, clashes against other uru weapons like those wielded by Loki’s Storm Giant army, and attacks from other celestial beings have left Mjolnir either in pieces or completely disintegrated.

    One Marvel character, Molecule Man, even vaporized Mjolnir by destroying the bonds between the uru molecules that kept the relic together.

    Mjolnir in Today’s World

    The fascinating original and modern myths and legends behind Mjolnir, the Hammer of Thor, make it one of the most popular objects from the ancient world with which we are familiar today.

    It is commonly worn as a symbol on rings and pendants by those who aspire to the noble qualities possessed by Thor, the Norse God of Thunder.


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