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    What was so special about the Viking longship?

    What was so special about the Viking longship?


    The Viking long ship is something not as spoken about as you imagine it should be. This powerful ship was a lethal weapon for the Vikings allowing them to navigate in both shallow & deep waters unlike their local enemies at the time. Not only where the ships able to navigate in multiple depths but it was also very light weight which was perfect for beach landings and dragging it up and down from shore. Scandinavia is filled with rocky oceans and narrow passing’s which made it a place very difficult to navigate; This also gave the Scandinavians a leg up when it came to trading goods because they were able to ship supplies much faster. The Vikings truly shocked the rest of the world as they were able to go narrower and farther than those around them at the time. These ships were the ultimate strategic pieces in any form of battle as they could be used to transport high numbers of Vikings at once or even to be tied together for creating a steady platform allowing infantry warfare.


    In today's world we look at many different types of ships from canoes to yachts & cruise ships; it is important to remember who was responsible for the architecture and discovery of the Viking longship. The Vikings of Scandinavia where truly thinking ahead of their time! We will always remember as we see similar designs today!

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