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Our Mission


We are Scandinavians with a goal to carry the viking lifestyle around the world. The vikings were the origin of true adventure, bravery, strength & exploration; we at VikingLifeStyles don’t think that should ever stop. We want to provide everyone in Scandinavia and around the world with high quality heritage gear for your everyday lifestyle. All of our gear is designed to keep the viking heritage alive! From athletic and casual wear to everything you need in the fjords, we have you covered! We use high quality materials from stainless steel to top quality cloth!



By ordering from us you are joining our community as we continue to spread the era of modern day vikings. When most people hear the word vikings they think of big giant horns; this just isn’t true and we are here to shine light on what the Vikings really were. We started our “Viking of the Month” contest because we want to see our fellow vikings living life to the fullest as our ancestors before us!





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