Odin's Ravens Bracelet

odins ravens bracelet

Odin's Ravens Bracelet

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Always keep Odin's Ravens "Huginn & Muninn" at your side. Ravens represent Odin’s welcoming to Valhalla, in which the warriors fallen in battle can enjoy an honorable afterlife.

  •  One size fits all
  • Includes wooden storage box
  • Handcrafted heads screams power
  • Represent Odin's ravens
  • Adjustable design for the best fit
  • Comfortable inlay for traveling
  • Stainless steel for durability
  • Polished finish for a true shine
  • Norse detail bound for compliments
  • Adds a Nordic touch to any outfit
  • Gift for any Viking or Shield-maiden

Armrings were often given out by powerful chieftains to secure allegiance from their following. Bestowing such gifts was a demonstration of power and wealth, and the warrior who accepted the gift pledged his loyalty to the chieftain through doing so. This has led to armrings  being gifted in that manner to be known as ‘Oath Rings’. Wearing armrings were also a way of carrying your ‘money’, since they were often crafted from gold & silver.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kasey W.

Gorgeous true steel very durable been wearing it pretty much constantly for months

George T.

Looks nice its shiny where the steal rope meets the ends so it stands it

Christopher M.

Fits comfortably and stays on perfect. Always a little worried about buying things from online that have to “fit” but this is perfect. It’s well made and worth it.

Jonas S.
Skål till Valhalla!

Absolutely stunning, love the look. Take a bit of pressure and strength to adjust but it's doable.

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